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Zion Lutheran Church would like to welcome you to Saturday Socials, its newest community outreach, which is now celebrating its 1st anniversary. For the program’s 2019-2020 season, it will hold 6 creative gatherings. Events are open to Westwood residents and also the surrounding towns. Our primary focus is families but we also include senior citizens and singles.  


Saturday Socials are all about making lasting memories while also being able to enjoy a delicious and nutritious family-friendly meal communally with others.  What makes our socials unique is that each get-together is set in a visually transportive atmosphere that you will remember for years to come.  Past event activities have included movie viewings, game nights, informative workshops, dances.  Also keep an eye out for our special themed giveaways.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our next upcoming event!    


These events are made possible through Christ’s guidance and the dedication of our volunteers who share their time, energy and inspiration.  We utilize “free-will” donations to generate finances but also obtain funding via Thrivent Action Teams throughout the year to cover expenses and bring these quality events into fruition. They also provide the means with which we help other worthy missions within our local community and aboard.