The Poinsettia List
Every poinsettia you see decorating our altar represents family and friends that have touched and enriched the lives of members of our congregation. Each bloom represents loved ones and treasured memories.  Members who have chosen to celebrate loved ones or 
remember the life of loved ones with a poinsettia are:


nullIn loving memory of Karl & Babette Huhn (Opa & Oma) — Ken Barney and Angelica Bomma

In loving memory of Barbara Blome, Madison Blome and Martha Debus— Dr. Mary Blome & Ed LaPadula

In loving memory of our son David, you are always with us — Bradford & Patricia Buschow

In loving memory of Camille and Christina Bauer — Juergen Bauer & Frieda Dimitry

In loving memory of our fathers, Donald Bomma and Pat Ciufo and sister Laura Ciufo — Kris & Steve Ciufo

In loving memory of Edward Dimitry, wonderful father, husband and grandfather — Frieda Dimitry & Juergen Bauer

In loving memory of Clyde Paulson, Kerry Carrillo, Frederick Durr and Elise Durr — John & Sue Durr

In loving memory of Ruth Engelken — John & Sue Durr and Kim Zupfer

In loving memory of my dear husband, William Ehni. Given in love — Carmela Ehni

In loving memory of Howard H. Faddis, III — Dana & Howard Faddis

In loving memory of our parents — Martin & Hanna Fronius

In loving memory of Maria Schuster — Martin & Hanna Fronius


In memory of my beloved husband, Pierre Gallois — Kathleen Gallois

In loving memory of Josephine Lopatto, and Andy & Elise Ferguson — The Gashler Family

In loving memory of our fathers/grandfathers, Edward Dimitry, Sr. and George Gibson — Tom, Elise, Lance and Sean Gibson

In loving memory of my beloved husband, Edward C. Heinz — Betty Jane Heinz

In loving memory of “Grampie” & Sgt. Christopher Hrbek. — JayMee & Cheryl Hodges & Family

In loving memory of Donald Bradford Hodges — Kay Hodges & family “The Lord Bless You”

In loving memory of loved ones — The Keane Family

In loving memory of Jennifer Nicole Maul — by parents Kristin & Richard, brothers Richie & Jonathan and sister Elisabeth

In memory of loved ones — Bob & Pat Maul

In loving memory of our daughter, Joyce Dawn and granddaughter, Jennifer Nicole — Trudy & Bill Maul

In loving memory of our parents celebrating Christmas in Heaven.
Ellen & Orlie Benson, and Hank Moser — The Moser Family


In honor of my grandson, Rob Reicht — Given in love, Marie Olszewski

With love to our parents — Richard and Jinny Pavese

In memory of loved ones — The Rivera & Quinn Families

In memory of Billy and all my loved ones — Edna Rosenberger

Merry Christmas in Heaven Grandpa — Love, Lucy & Ryan Smith

In memory of loved ones at Christmas — The Scherba Family

In gratefulness for family at Christmastime — The Stewart Family

In loving memory of Grandparents, Madeline & Judson Winterton, Elise & Frank Russell, Aunt Doris Russell and Parents Shirley & Donald Russell
— Given in love by Dianne Voorhis, Susan Tripodi and Kenneth Russell

In loving memory of our parents — Walter & Wilma Wichern

In loving memory Irma and Rudolf and Joan Wolckenhauer — Kurt Wolckenhauer

In loving memory of the DeLaura and Schnabel families — The Zegla Family


JOHN 10:27-29 
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.” (Jesus speaking)