Bulletin from April 22nd Service

Bulletin from April 15th Service



Zion had designated the month of May to support the care ministry for cancer patients Phi’s Friends. Zion’s Quilters & Crafters took a very supportive effort, as did our Early Childhood Education Center. Along with many individual members and families we collected a goodly amount of items and a nice monetary collection. On June 12 seven large cartons were shipped to Phil’s Friends national headquarters in Roselle, Illinois. That shipment included the following:

13 fleece blankets

12 crocheted blankets

117 knit caps

93 pairs of fuzzy socks

37 baseball hats

30 decks of playing cards

30 misc. game/puzzle books

1 $25 gift card for JoAnn’s Fabrics

In addition the monetary collection being sent totaled $825!

Thanks to all who helped to support this effort with their time, talent, treasure and prayers for our participation and for this special ministry. May God continue to bless Zion and all those ministries that we as individuals and a congregation support.