Dear Friends in Christ:

I pray that the summer can be a time for ou to “re-create” in many ways. I am very excited about doing a summer Bible study after our 9:30 a.m. service from July 9 through August 27. Full details of that schedule are in last month’s Zion Times.

As a further enticement to participate in this Bible study, I am writing up a portion of the Bible timeline I have adapted from Crossways Ministry Bible’s Big Story and listed a few questions about important Biblical events as a “teaser.”


? (B.C.) to 1900: The Prehistory of God’s people

1800: Abraham and the Patriarchs

1600— 1700: Time in Egypt

1200: Moses

1100: The Judges

1000 — 800: David and the Kings

Civil War and the Prophets

721 — 582:  Death & Destruction

581 — 538:  Captivity

537 — on: Return home for some

What happened and what happened next?

The answers have great meaning in the ministry of Christ and the early Church.

Bible Trivia Questions

Who were Baal and Astarte?

Who was Cyrus?

Who was Antiochus Epiphanes?

Join us this summer for answers, good coffee, snacks and spirited discussion.

In Christ,

Pastor Thomas J. Pranschke