A Note of Welcome From
Pastor Pranschke
Dear Friends in Christ,
Everything is beginning at Zion for our fall program season! I hope you will be a part all that we do.
I am currently working out the final details for a simple ministry of caring that urges everyone we come into contact with to "Take a moment..."
The message may be pray, or to thank God, or to show kindness to some one. It simply urges us all to be the Christian people we are called to be.
I will keep you updated on our progress, in the meantime take a moment to pray right now!
In Christ,

Pastor T.J. Pranschke



Bullentin Board
Sunday, October 1
NOTE: We return to our regular schedule
of worship 8:00 and 10:15
Class: Adult Bible Class
Time: 9:00-10:00am
Place: Church, Undercroft

Class: Sunday School
Time: 10:15am after church starts
Place: Church, Undercroft

Below is a link to contribute to the efforts of LCMS to help people recover from the recent hurricanes

There is a wonderful documentary on PBS exploring the life of Martin Luther and how he changed the world. Several of our members have commented on the quality of the show. If interested, you can check your local guide for times or view it on your computer at:  


Zion Lutheran
Early Childhood Center
We offer an excellent program for
2 1/2 year old children
through Pre-Kindergarten.
For more information,
please visit
the school's website at
or call the office at