• What's a service like?  
    Traditional Lutheran worship; we celebrate Holy Communion at every service. 
  • What's the music like?
    Mostly traditional Lutheran hymns, an occasional modern song.
  • How do people dress?
    We encourage people to be comfortable, but respectful. Most of our members are fairly well dressed.
  • What about my kids?
    We have Sunday School for nursery through fourth grade during the 10:15 service. There is a room for parents with small children if desired, and of course your children are more than welcome to sit with you during worship.
  • May I take communion
    We profess the Real presence of Christ in, with, and under the Bread and Wine of our Supper. This means the Risen Christ is present forgiving the sins of those who are repentant of their sins and believe in Jesus Christ. If you share this belief, you are welcome to commune with us!
  • Where do I park?
    Most people park on the street. There is limited parking behind our school building.