Homebound Ministry

Homebound Ministry is a community of volunteers redeemed by Christ and guided by God’s Word. " As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. "Joshua 24:15.  Through this program we seek to share the love of Jesus, strengthen faith, and provide the opportunity for our members who are unable to regularly attend church, to remain involved in our congregational life, through visits, communion and prayer.

Homebound Ministry was organized in March of 1996 as a volunteer friendship program for Zion Lutheran Church members who were permanently/temporarily homebound (unable to regularly attend church) due to age, illness or infirmities.  This program began with a total of four Homebound Members and eight Homebound Sponsors.  This ministry has been extended to include loved ones of Zion Lutheran Church members who live in, or have relocated to, neighboring communities.  At present this ministry actively meets the needs of over 30 Homebound Members through the dedication and efforts of 40 Homebound Sponsors.

Homebound Ministry operates solely on honorary and memorial donations, and therefore is not dependent on Zion Lutheran Church’s financial assistance.

Member Information

All Homebound Members included in this ministry are members of Zion Lutheran Church or a friend / relative of a Zion member.  All referrals for membership must be approved by Zion’s Pastor.  Homebound Members may be placed on the roster temporarily or permanently, depending on the duration of their needs.

Homebound Members are assigned a Sponsor.  Sponsors visit, communicate with and pray for their Homebound Member(s) forming bonds of friendship and spirituality.

Homebound Members are offered the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Homebound Sponsors accompany a Zion Lutheran Church Elder who offers the Sacrament in the comfort of the Member’s home.

Elder supplies (i.e. wheelchairs, shower chairs, walkers, etc.) are offered to Homebound Members to aid in meeting their daily living needs.

Sponsor Information

All Homebound Sponsors are members of Zion Lutheran Church.  Their volunteer efforts vary according to their God given talents.

Many Sponsors enjoy sponsoring a Homebound Member and are requested to visit at least once a month, bringing a “monthly treat” provided by Homebound Ministry.  Sponsorship also includes frequent telephone calls to “check on” Homebound Members.

Several Sponsors volunteer in the area of bereavement by keeping close contact with bereaved families for a period of 12 months following the death of a loved one.  Sponsors guide the bereaved family emotionally and spiritually.

Other Sponsors volunteer in assisting with Homebound Ministry’s computer, clerical and audio-visual projects.

The privileges and responsibilities of all Sponsors include:

  • Praying with and for Homebound Members
  • Listening attentively to cares and concerns of Homebound Members, families and fellow Sponsors
  • Providing encouragement and information regarding elder healthcare services in the community     (i.e. meals on wheels, lifeline, etc.)

 All Sponsors are encouraged to attend bi-monthly Sponsor Support Meetings to share concerns, ideas, fellowship and delicious desserts.  Each meeting begins with a pastoral devotion.